Bad Teeth, Just After Two Weeks!

Children get cavities which are not visible to the naked eye and adults have to be very aware of this fact. Kids eat candy, drink soda, and binge on snacks through out the fun day but don’t really care about cavities. Many parents don’t think to take their children to the dentist every month and pay a large price when there are three or more cavities found. These are cavity prone teeth of a five-year-old:

before cavity teeth

Are you surprised that these teeth are possibly “bad” and need fillings? So are we, but it’s true that cavities do spread and after about 2 weeks, the above teeth may show signs and produce bad breath of your child. It’s important to visit the dentist regularly (about once a month) so your child doesn’t have to go through this kind of “bad” teeth issue:

before cavity teeth

Thanks for reading and we hope you tune in next week for more insightful descriptions on your child’s dental health!

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